Game of Thrones: the secret stories in the costumes’ beautiful embroideries

You watch Game of Thrones, yes? But how closely do you watch it? Within every scene of the TV epic, you see, there are subplots to decipher from within the decorative costumes created by designer Michele Clapton and her principal costume embroiderer, Michele Carragher.

From gemstones to fish scale sequins, every micro detail is considered, and Carragher explains that the duo think about what materials a character could have sourced for their outfit (depending on their status and the climate that they live in) as well as their backstory and what they might choose to say about themselves through their clothing.

“Costume is always a fundamental device to present a character’s personality to an audience,” she says. “I always like to incorporate hidden meanings and metaphor within my designs – I will place imagery or use materials that I have researched and to add some personal narrative and personality..


Another Netflix original spurring the revival of 1970s fashion is Narcos; the hit show depicting the bloody story of drug lord Pablo Escobar. Since the show aired, Escobar Henao, a Columbian clothing brand that was launched seven years ago and previously wasn’t sold on Lyst has, in the last two years, garnered 50,000 searches world wide.

Specifically, searches for aviator sunglasses, a style donned by Escobar himself as well as the majority of the programme’s main characters, have increased dramatically, with this year alone witnessing a 256% increase in sales of the retro style.

Straw hats, like the one worn by Escobar’s right hand man Jose Gacha, have also caused a stir, with styles by Fyre, Paul Smith, Asos and Zara all witnessing high search volumes.

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