How To Kill It In Korean Fashion With A Budget Of Just $100

How To Kill It In Korean Fashion With A Budget Of Just $100

You can usually separate scams from actual online stores by looking for two things: 1. good modeling pictures and 2. lots of good customer reviews. My personal favorite website is YesStyle. They have a plethora of awesome clothing and makeup brands. Keep in mind, though: these websites typically sell from multiple companies, so some brands may be higher quality than others. This can make the difference between an outfit you want to wear every day and a bunch of fabric that’s a sorry excuse for a garment.

Think of it like a mall: if you don’t like one store in a mall, then you shop at a different store. It’s no different online. Decide what brands might work for you by, again, looking at pictures and reviews. The brands I usually buy from are Dabuwawa (which has some very high-class fashion with unusual but gorgeous styles) and Chuu (which caters to the cute, pop style clothes that a lot of teens and young adults wear).

When you’re online shopping, don’t waste your time filling your shopping cart with things that look pretty but can be bought in your own country. Odds are, you might be able to find a better deal in an American shopping mall — and you can try it on. So what outfits should you buy?

Korean outfits tend to be shorter and smaller than American clothes, so unless you’re petite, try to avoid dresses and clothing items that really depend on length. Of course, this can be circumvented if you carefully read the measuring description, customer reviews, and are on a budget that allows you to discard outfits that don’t work.

Korean blouses and shirts are good buying choices because 1. they’re not expensive 2. they usually fit 3. you can pair them with clothes you already have. You can also really emphasize the Korean in your fashion look by wearing them with some delicate heels or knee high boots.

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